Title Bonds

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Title bonds provide a guarantee or assurance of ownership.

Title bonds play a crucial role in facilitating transactions and providing peace of mind to all parties involved. They serve as a form of insurance, protecting the interests of buyers, sellers, and lenders in situations where there are uncertainties or defects in the title documentation. When there is a lack of clear title or disputes regarding ownership, title bonds step in to bridge the gap and provide a level of security. By obtaining a title bond, individuals can mitigate the risks associated with potential legal claims or challenges to ownership, ensuring that they have a valid and marketable title.

We are experienced and licensed to issue surety insurance in Georgia and provide expert guidance and consultation to individuals seeking a title bond. We assess the specific situation, understand the requirements, and advise clients on the appropriate bond type and coverage needed.

To get a title based on a surety bond:

  • The owner must be a legal resident of Georgia
  • The vehicle must require a Georgia title
  • Cannot be a 1985 or older year model vehicle
  • Cannot be an abandoned vehicle
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